Our Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our Crawlers and Cruisers Room can accommodate up to 15 babies. The layout of the room allows them to explore and discover the world around them. We provide opportunities for messy play, music, sensory opportunities and physical development in an environment where they lead the direction of play! And when it’s time to relax, there is a place for that too, with each child’s own sleep area and their own personal handmade blanket.

Our Movers and Groovers Room can accommodate up to 26 toddlers. Again, allowing them to explore, be creative, develop their independence and allow their imaginations to run free. The space and activities are ever-changing to spark and arouse curiosity, encouraging development in all areas of the early year’s framework

We have our very own Bookworm Balcony – an area specifically designed to help develop and encourage their literacy skills whilst awakening their imaginations and crucially, engendering a love or reading and the written word.

Our Wigglers and Gigglers Room can accommodate 13 preschool children. As we are able to offer a free flow experience of the different development areas, the children are constantly free to use all of the spaces, exploring that which has sparked their curiosity at any given time.